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Homeowners Insurance

The biggest investment most people will ever make is in their home. That is why you and your home purchase deserve the protection of a comprehensive Homeowners Insurance program.

We are prepared to help you review your options and to choose the best combination of coverage, service, and price for your Homeowners Insurance.

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Homeowners Insurance News

Updated Rebuilding Cost Appraisal for Your Home

The determination of the rebuilding cost of your home has always been an important part of the service we provide our clients. It is this “rebuilding value” that translates into an appropriate recommendation for the Dwelling limit of your homeowners policy.

When Winter Approaches - Are You Ready?

Freezing temperatures, ice, snow and wind can all cause severe damage to your home and property. The proper precautions now and regular care throughout the winter should help you avoid these winter perils.

Homeowners Come Up Short on Insurance

“People look at this and it says ‘replacement’ and they think, ‘That’s good, I get my house replaced,’ ” said John Garamendi, the insurance commissioner in California. “But they don’t get their house replaced. They get money up to the set limits plus the extended 20 percent or 25 percent.”